10 Easy Tips to Improve the Quality Score of Keyword in Adwords

Quality Score is one of the most important numbers in your AdWords account. Google generally defines it as a measurement of the usefulness of your ads to the searcher, but there’s a lot more to it. Quality Score is a dynamically generated variable; every single time a search query matches one of your keywords, AdWords recalculates Quality Score.

Tips to Improve Quality Score of Keywords for Adwords

Here are a few important hacks that will assist you in improving your quality score

1. Use sitelink extensions. These can be exactly what the searcher is looking for, which means they are more likely to click.

2. Use call extensions. Adding a phone number as a call to action may be exactly what people want.

3. Add location extensions. Adding your address info is likely to appeal for local searches.

4. Use product listing ads when you are an ecommerce store. They will add images to your ads, and make them much more appealing.

5. Don’t worry about negative keyword optimization as much for Quality Score (QS). Based on my research, Google only considers exact match keywords for QS. Negative keywords do matter though, and you really do need to pay attention to them.

6. Avoid using exclamation points. People seem to think they will get you higher CTR.

7. Use numbers in your ads. This breaks the pattern of text, and grabs attention.

8. Look at the poor performing ads. If you are running tests on different ads for the same ad groups and keywords, and some are getting a lower CTR, then look to pausing them.

9. Ensure landing page quality. Google says these are all quality factors for the landing pages:

  • Relevant and Original Content
  • Transparency and Navigability
  • Revisit the structure of your campaigns. Could you increase QS by changing which ads will appear for which keywords? You may want to pause Ad groups that are simply not working for you. Look at best converting ads and then take the language and approach from one and apply it to others.
  • Note: Even though the quality is not officially part of the QS score, it is good to assume it matters, and then work to improve it.