What is a Search engine? What are the top search engines in the world?

Top 10 Search Engines

What are Search Engines?

Search engine is an online program that is built to search any information on the World Wide Web. The search information may be in the form of images, videos, WebPages and other type of files. Search engines use open directories to serve data and information is maintained by implying algorithms on a web crawler.

What are the top search engines in the world?

Let us study about the top 10 search engines in the world.


Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine is the most popular search engine used through the world that has acquired more than 63.9 % of the Search Engine market. It is the most popular from Google Corporation and has 1,100,000,000 unique monthly visitors. With the help of updated and new algorithms, Google is trying to provide best results to the visitors. Apart from the text, Google provides users to search time zones, weather forecasts, synonyms, maps, earthquake data, movie show times, airports, sports scores and especially it provides language translation.


Bing Search Engine

Microsoft created Bing Search Engine to compete with Google on May 28 2009. Bing gave its best effort to compete with Google but still could not do that. Bing is the default Search Engine used to search information Microsoft’s web browser. The unique monthly visitors on Bing Search Engine are 350,000,000. On October 2015, it has been announced as the second largest search engine with market share of 20.8%.


Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo provides Yahoo Search interface and it is third largest Search engine. Yahoo tries to compete with Bing but it could not compete with Google. According to the latest report on netmarketshare, Yahoo holds 9.57% of market share. Yahoo still stands among the most popular free email provider, but it could not convince the users successfully to use its search engine area.


Baidu Search Engine

Robin Li and Eric Xu established Baidu in January 1, 2000. Baidu is China based Web Search Engine and It is one of the mostly used Web Search Engines in China. In March 2015, Baidu got position in world’s fourth largest Web Search engine and it became the first company from china to include itself in NASDAQ-100 index. In 2006, Baidu provided 80 million images, 10 million multimedia files and 740 million web pages.


AOL Search Engine

AOL stands for America Online and it is an American multinational mass media corporation. As per the records in netmarketshare, AOL Search Engine is among the top 10 Search Engines with a market share of 0.6%. It started in 1983 as Control Video Communication.


ASKme Search Engine

ASK Search Engine established in 1995 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen from California. The design of ASK Search Engine is based on question answering web format. ASK.com previously named as Ask Jeeves. In January 14 2009, ASK.com became the official sponsor of NASCAR and later it became official Search Engine of NASCAR.


Excite Search Engine

Excite is the collection of online services and web sites. Excite’s portal and services are managed by Excite Networks, in USA Excite is a personal portal and it is called as My Excite. it was launched in 1995 and is owned by IAC Search and Media . It provides internet services to the users like search engine, news, instant messages, weather updates and emails.


DuckDuckGo Search Engine

This Search Engine has some advanced features when compared with other Search Engines. DuckDuckGo Search Engine enables users to search the required data from the best sources instead of searching from most sources. Apple included DuckDuckGo as an optional Search Engine in safari browser on 18 September and Mozilla added DuckDuckGo as optional search engine to Firefox on 10 November 2014.


WolframAlpha Search Engine

It is the computational knowledge engine developed by Wolfram Research and provides online service that directly answers factual queries by computing the answers from externally sourced data. It was launched in 2009, which is based on Mathematica. It is associated with computational tool kit that is built with computer Symbolic, numerical computation, statistics, algebra and visualization capabilities.


Yandex Search Engine

It is Russia based search engine and most of its users are Russians only. It was organized in 1997 and it is used in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Turkey. It shares the largest market up to 60 % in Russia and it has developed many numbers of internet-based products and services.