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Magic Leap Technology
How Magic Leap Technology Could Kill Screens

The Magic Leap technology being the future of augmented reality, might just kill all screens and monitors in near future. How would it be if technology is capable of bringing back magic into existence? It is one of the greatest discoveries in recent times that typically uses wearable technology to blend virtual and real images..

Apple HomeKit Applications
How Will Apple's HomeKit Redefine Smart Homes?

The HomeKit application from Apple may find its way in daily lives of users. It actually allows you to securely and actively control your home appliances right from the palm of your hand. The HomeKit is all set to make your home a smart-home – allowing you to remotely have control over all of your electronic application at home. See what all the Apple HomeKit application has in kit to bring in the change!

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
India All Set to Switch to Indian Navigation System (IRNSS) in 2016

India is already indigenously planning to switch to its very own navigation system by name The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System or IRNSS in the year 2016. Launched by ISRO, It will provide geo-spatial coverage of India and precise real-time positioning and timing services across India. Its region may well extend over 1500 kilometers around India..

Google OnHub Router
What is Google’s New OnHub Router?

OnHub is the latest router from Google that is designed for all time Wi-Fi users; it features innovative design, high Wi-Fi speeds, smartly built software, etc. Learn what’s new and better about Google’s New OnHub router and decide for yourself.