What SEO Techniques to Apply in 2016?

Search Engine Optimization looks quite different today, as it was started. With the fastest growing technology, searchers are growing in number. And, moreover the methodology of searching has changed drastically. Search engines have made massive changes to their algorithms, in order to cater the searchers in an apposite way. The changes and up gradation of algorithms will continue till there are searchers and search engine users.


SEO Trends 2016

Well, in the year 2016 there’s lot more to do with your SEO strategies. If not for enhancements in rankings, at least for the purpose survival, you need to update the old SEO tricks. There are plenty of things, you can do. However, concentrate on some of these following points.

Mobile Friendly: In the year 2016, mobile users will supersede desktop users. Thereby, give a substantial amount of time on your site to make it mobile friendly. Google has already taken severe measures on it, and released “Mobilegeddon” algorithm on April 21, 2015. Chances are pretty more, that Google can make an update for this algo in the year 2016. So, be prepared for one more Mobilegeddon update in the coming year.

Long Tail Keywords: Your business can get more revenue, if you pay more attention on long tail keywords. The reason for this is quite simple. In the coming year Google gets more search from mobiles, and since voice search is a part of Smartphones, specific search will become more dominant. Apps like Siri, and others will help users to search for specific keywords. This will conjointly get more traffic for the pages that have been optimized for long tail keywords.

Video Optimization: YouTube has seen huge increasing in traffic. In the year 2016, this may further increase. Therefore, do spend your time in creating some attractive videos. And, after creating share them on your site.

Infographics: Infographics are never dead, in fact this may become a weapon of victory for successful SEO in 2016. Create an attractive infographic for every page of your website. This may take time, but results are positive.

Go Social: Make use of all social platforms effectively. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etc. All these social platforms have their own advantages and very popular. Never underestimate any of these social platforms, try to use these platforms to a larger extent and in an efficient manner.

Content: Having lengthy and quality content on webpage have always yielded better results. Try to keep huge content on your webpage, and never ever think of stealing content from other websites. Google is about to take serious actions on copied content in the coming year 2016.

Structured Data: Adopt structured data for your webpages, this is one of the main aspects on which Google is focussing now. Put up all the extra information of your webpage in this section. This will help Google or other Search Engines to understand the context of a page, this will consecutively help in better indexing of webpages.