What is Real Time Penguin Update? How to Recover from it?

There will be no more notifications regarding Penguin update hereafter as Google has made penguin as real time now. Real time penguin is great & will create less impact on sites, especially if your competitors are ruining your business & doing negative SEO onto your website. Because, as soon as Google discovers that a harmful link pointing your website is removed or disavowed, the Penguin algorithm will process it in real time, and you'll recover from a Penguin penalty very quickly. This is a positive aspect of a Real time Penguin, whereas the negative aspect is worse. As soon as the harmful link is created, or in other words as soon as a noxious link starts pointing your website you'll be penalized & chances are there you'd lose SERP rankings very quickly.


In order to stay immune from loosing the rankings, you'll have to be little alert now onwards. Keep watching your back-links repeatedly, make use of back-link explorer tool very frequently and track the harmful links pointing your website. Once you discover any malignancy, right then take an action. Contact the owner of site which has given a back-link to your site, ask them to remove, in case you don't get any positive response then immediately disavow the link.

In case you have already been penalized with Real Time Penguin, then take an immediate step & disavow all the harmful links. With this you should be able to recover from penalty. Yet if you don't see the recovery, then start building several trusted links. For instance, Blog Posting, Guest Posting, Directory Submission, Forum Posting, etc. all these you can make as immediate step.