Google Keyword Planner Changes

Google Keyword Planner an important keyword discovery tool, most SEO experts swing to Google's Keyword Planner tool to find their important & most convertible keywords when they are about to create blog posts and other site content. Sadly, Google has now limited the usage of this tool. Google says, it'll help them to keep the bots away which had overused the tool making it slow. With this update, inactive AdWords accounts & the accounts with least monthly spending would now face difficulty.

In other words, if you are not spending on AdWords frequently then you may not be able to view exact search volume for a particular keyword. You'll just see the range for example, 1K to 10K, this will give you very little knowledge. The minimum amount need to spend on Adwords for keeping it active is so far unclear, Google has not set any minimal value of spending.

If you rely on both PPC as well as SEO then you better keep your Adwords account active by spending some amount on a monthly basis, in case you are not doing any PPC activities then having a premium version of third party keyword research tool will be pretty useful. You can make use of several other party keyword research tools such as Semrush, MOZ, WordStream, Ubersuggest, etc. The benefit of using these tools is they not only help you finding keywords, but also assist in finding your competitor & moreover you can do competitor analysis & also it allows finding the backlinks of your competitor's site. Lots of useful data can be collected with these third party utilities.

In case you are running out of tight budget and you are not in the position to spend money, then better share Google Keyword Planner tool. Ask any of your acquaintances for allowing you to make use of their Google Adwords account. This is one of best options you can go with. Without spending money, you can access important data for doing SEO.

There are several other ways by following which you can collect keyword ideas such as using Google Trends & exploring keywords, making use of Quora for keyword generation. And also the "Related Searches" at the bottom of Google SERP. Using the keywords that are shown at the bottom of SERP is a fantastic idea, most SEO's ignore this trick because of poor knowledge about it. But these keywords prove to be more helpful, as compared with the keywords that are drawn using other methods.