India All Set to Launch Indian Navigation System – IRNSS in 2016

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System

It's time to make way for India’s own home-made navigation system

Now it's time to make way for our own home-made navigation system by replacing the American Global Positioning System - GPS on our mobile phones. To produce a distinct position, rate and time to the people of Indian region, ISRO initiated to frame a separate independent satellite navigation system which is called as ISRO’s IRNSS or Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System.

Why ISRO’s initiated to build an IRNSS - Independent desi navigation system?

Global Positioning System

To provide accurate information services to the people in India as well as other users over the regions within some boundary limit, India developed IRNSS a separate unique regional navigation satellite system. This navigation system is meant with a constellation of seven spacecraft and a huge networks of ground infrastructure. The primary service area of this satellite system is the territory ranging up to 1500 km starting from the boundary. The area that lies in between this primary area and area enclosed by the rectangle from Latitude 30 deg South to 50 deg North, Longitude 30 deg East to 130 deg East is an Extended Service Area.

These are the services offered by ISRO’s IRNSS

The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System would provide two types of services namely,

SPS or Standard Positioning Service: In short SPS, provides essential services to the public and the receiver aid the commercial use of IRNSS signals for navigational based applications.

RS or Restricted Service: RS provides encrypted services only to the authorized users like armed forces.

Some applications of IRNSS:


1. IRNSS is committed to provide the satellite based services in the Terrestrial, Aerial and Marine Navigation.

2. Helpful in disaster management.

3. It can be used for vehicle tracking and fleet management.

4. This software can be integrated with mobile phones.

5. Easy mapping and capture geodetic data.

6. Provides visual and voice navigation for drivers, the Terrestrial navigation aid for hikers and travelers.

7. On the 24 basis it gives all the weather updates.

8. In real time, highly accurate information is delivered for the authorized users on a different types of vehicles.

IRNSS is a Desi navigation system - Good bye to GPS..!!

IRNSS is an indigenous position determination system that replace traditional GPS system to access time and location information across the globe that enhances access in remote areas. The regional satellite IRNSS will get exact location details to the consumers in India and will be completely owned and control by the Indian government. Following are some of the advantages of Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System over the traditional GPS which is widely used by people on cell phones to mapping giants and even the defensive system to triangulate position:

1. IRNSS is very necessary as the foreign country which controls navigation system does not gives assurance for the services in every situation.

2. Signal is usually weak in remote areas so the traditional American GPS is not convenient everywhere but IRNSS provides better signal accuracy in these remote areas.

3. Ship monitoring and reliable management of fleet of trucks will be done through satellite which might saves time and fuel.

4. With the help of IRNSS, even the rurals part of India will get GPS connectivity.