Steps to Generate Long Tail Keywords Using Google Trends

Keyword research using Google Trends – Decoded

It is a fact that Long-tail keywords are more cost-effective and high-performing in terms of both organic and paid search. I have explained in a detailed and simple manner, how to find Long-tail keywords using Google keywords tool (Google Trends) to create useful Titles and in-content keywords.

Generating long tail keywords - Guide to SEO

Google Trends shows you the current high-volume search terms in your category. It also displays the growth / descent rate of a particular search query before it appears in Google Keywords Planner or any of the keyword suggestion tools. Google Trends also helps you to track the search term’s trend over the past six months.

Steps to Find Long Tail Keywords Using Google Trends

Generating long tail keywords using Quora - Guide 2 SEO

Step 1: Open Google Trends. In the search box, enter the main keyword (in our case, piano lessons) which you want your site to rank for or develop content. Then press Enter.

Step 2: Analyse your keyword’s current trend. Here is where you get to know whether the keyword you wish to target is achieving popularity or dropping it.

Generating long tail keywords using GoogleKeyword Tool - Guide 2 SEO

Sometimes the results are astonishing. As it is clearly visible, the search term “piano lessons” was popular back in the year 2005, but has persistently been dipping ever since.

Let us learn a quick method to find Long-tail keyphrases with Google Trends

Step 3: Analyse the Related Stories in Google Trends for better insights when searching for long-tail keywords. All you have to do is, enter the keyword you want to analyse in Google Trends.

Initially, the keyword “how to decorate home” had a relatively less volume. It is steadily increasing trend ever since.

How To Find Long Tail Keywords Using Google Trends - Guide 2 SEO

Step 4: Then scroll down to the bottom of the Google Trends page to view the Related Stories category. It looks like this.

Keyword Research Using Google Trends - Guide to SEO

Step 5: Select relevant keywords from this category and paste it into and click on the Go icon as shown:

Steps To Generate Long Tail Keywords Using Google Trends - Guide to SEO

The reason why we are using this tool is, some of the search queries listed under queries in Google Trends are hidden in the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool. Also, this is the tool that highly influential sites like CNN, BBC, IMDb, Yahoo! and many others use. You certainly don’t want to be competing against them.

A list of search terms and its related keywords is populated as shown below. You can use relevant keywords from here to create your content and titles.

Guide to find long tail keywords - Guide2SEO

As it is visible from the above screenshot, there are a number of long-tail keywords generated for your “home decoration” business. These are also the LSI terms that are variations of the main keyword (“how to decorate home”).

On a Conclusion...

Carrying out proper keyword research is a very important task and it isn’t for impatient marketers. It might look complicated, but it’s a course that can create or disrupt your online business.

You now know how to find Long Tail keywords using Quora as well as using Google Trends. You can use tools like Quora and Google Trends to generate fruitful keywords that are appropriate for your business. You can use them to build appealing titles and content that will actually help drive organic traffic towards your site.

If you have any other interesting method of finding Long-tail keywords, just convey it to us and we’ll update it on Guide2SEO.