What is Google’s New OnHub Router?

Google OnHub

What's new about Google OnHub router?

Every one of us tries to keep distance from routers because of appearance nest of cords, aggressively blinking lights and it is unattractive. However routers have excellent advantages such as it strengthens Wi-Fi networks, even the antennas can be farther and to improve your Wi-Fi coverage you can move the router. Apart from the effective functions of routers, there are some ugly problems associated with routers.

To solve all the ugly problems associated with routers, Google first time introduced a new home router by the name “Google OnHub”. Its cost is $199, it was manufactured to Google by a well known networking corporate i.e. TP-Link. This is user friendly with easy setup. Google Company says using OnHub simplifies the set up and manages day-to-day management of wireless network. Many experts experienced on OnHub and give positive results, some of their feed backs are speed is bit faster when compared to Airport connection (difference of 6 mbps), it is even better at long distances (up to three rooms), etc.

Google’s New OnHub Router:

Google OnHub

OnHub is designed squat cylindrically and it is covered by swappable black and blue colored plastic shell without external antennas. It can be kept anywhere around the house since it is attractive enough. Regarding power and Ethernet cords OnHub doesn’t do much about it which discretely slips out the back under the shell.

OnHub app plays important role in controlling and setting up the router. Desktop or web option is not available in it. This app enables you to preview set up process with illustrations and instructions. It indicates data usage by each and every device and also enables you to see how many devices are attached to the network. If playing of favorites is necessary then you can set the router to prioritize Wi-Fi for required device for one, two or four hours. The unique feature of this router is, to find any problem it helps you to identify where exactly the problem is occurring and it will guide to fix the problem.

Features of Google OnHub Router:

Every one prefers to troubleshoot internet from anywhere, so OnHub router enables you to manage using remote even when you are away from that locality. Suppose you have permitted your relative to access Wi-Fi in your home and moved for shopping. If you want to manage the access from faraway (shopping spot), then you can manage it using remote.

Built-in speed tester is the unique feature of OnHub router. This feature enables you to measure uploading and downloading speed. Signal strength and physical relationship of the router can also be measured. It also indicates why speed is good or bad.

The biggest selling point of OnHub is, it receives automatic security updates. Most of the routers manufactured by other companies do poor job in updating automatically with security holes patched that leads to arise problems in future. Millions of people around the world are using 5+ years old routers with 5+ years old firmware. Google tend to give automatic security updates independent of user inputs and without changing the setting.

This device sports 2.4 GHz 3*3 and 5 GHz 1*1 arrays, as well as an auxiliary 2.4 Ghz 1*1 array exists solely for monitoring network congestion.

Let’s have a brief overview on the features of Google OnHub router:

OnHub Router Review

1. It is good looking and you can put it out.

2. High Wi-Fi Speed and coverage.

3. In- built speed and signal strength test is available to locate speed easily.

4. It works based on app and is an excellent way to manage the router.

5. It is user friendly as remote access and credential sharing is available.