One of the Best Inventions in Recent Times - The Magic Leap Technology

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About Magic Leap Technology

The future of augmented reality is Magic Leap, which might just kill all the present screens and monitors. It's time to bring magic back into the world through a mysterious augmented reality, i.e. Magic Leap technology. This is one of the best inventions in recent times that typically uses head worn device to blend the virtual and real images, almost undetectable to the real world.  Magic Leap technology is the future of computing and Techno- biology is the proper application to our biology as this technology leads to experience of magic in real world.

Why Magic Leap technology is known as Cinematic reality?

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Magic Leap is slightly different from augmented reality and virtual reality, and the reason behind this is, the stereoscopic 3D technique is used in this standard AR and VR. This technique creates an illusion of an object in three different dimensions which displays each eye a distinct image with a different angle of reflection of the same object at the same time.

Lilliputian projector is used by Magic Leap to shine light and pictures into the user's eyes where the human brain apparently will not be able to detect the difference between the light from the projector and the light from the real world. The result is, Magic – it essentially projects digital images into your eyes to augment the reality you see, which shows the digital images which reflects same as physical objects.

Magic Leap work different from virtual reality:

Virtual Reality

In the latest peek, the users are capable to interact with a live solar system model that depicts in front of their eyes. The technology that sets Magic Leap apart from other augmented reality is called as Dynamic Digitized Light-field Signal or Digital Light-field for short. This will directly hit the retina, so that it is able to trick the brain into thinking it's a reality by projecting images precisely into your eyes, where as other typical projectors will project light at a surface that bounces back into the eye.

The standard VR, which uses stereoscopic 3D, leads to neurological deficits in the spectrum either temporary or permanently. But the Magic Leap makes an illusion of a real object around you by creating the same type of neurological effects. This is unique and not same as virtual reality because it creates stereoscopic effect by splitting and magnifying the flat screen display in front of the user's eyes and doesn't require any screen.

How Magic Leap is helpful for the future?

Augmented Reality

Magic Leap might just have a future in films: Legendary entertainment is also backed by this new Magic Leap's mysterious cinematic reality which might get a major boost in the entertainment field. Just like how 3D cinemas took over conventional 2D screens, the Magic Leap tech screens might just change the way movies and cinemas are viewed.

Magic Leap projects into your eyes: The demo videos of this application shows Magic Leap technology is smarter software that displays real looking projection by bouncing reflection of virtual light created in the projector in the real world and creates shadow.

Death of the Screens: The resolution and focus of the pictures are so real that no screen will be able to compare with it. As the light signal directly hits onto the retina, it will provide unmatchable clarity and depth. This could literally make conventional screens unusable and just kill the screens.

Re-invent Gaming: One of the magnificent applications of Magic Leap is undoubtedly in Gaming. It may use a real world prop by which you can experience virtual reality immersion and still have great fun residing in your own bedroom without banging into things.

Magic Leap Technology