All You Need to Know About the Pros and Cons of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Benefits

Over the last few years, digital marketing has shown an unprecedented growth, especially after the dawn of electronic gadgets like Smartphones & Tabs. The growth of digital marketing has gone to its peak point. On the other hand, the traditional marketing has confronted a large scale of down drift. Coping with demands & adapting with situation, marketers often have proved their ability of innovativeness.

Majority of marketing professionals now have drifted towards this new approach, alongside search engine marketing, leaving behind all other conventional approach of reaching customers.

What do stats have to say about Mobile Marketing?

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Like all other areas of study, Digital Marketing too has enormous divisions. One of its most effective & vast division is Mobile Marketing. Mobile Marketing has tons of positive aspects over other modules. It has an enormous reach and conjointly the target is pretty huge. It has been recorded that in the year 2015, there were nearly 2 billion active Smartphone users worldwide. Just a fraction of this number is sufficient enough for any business to achieve a grand success and become a leader.  

It is also important to know that over 50 percentage of the world’s population is under 30 years old; in fact more of these people own a mobile device, rather a smart phone. So you know who your potential customers are? Aren’t the social media and mobile devices evolving, if your answer is yes then there is a need of social media marketing strategy which can make your business grow high.

So, here’s exactly what it does take to build the content for your professional website so that users actually stay on your page to read what you have in store, and perhaps help you make maximum conversions from your potential customers. Following are some guidelines for developing web content that persuades.

What are the major benefits of using a Mobile Marketing campaign?

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Not just the reach to a large portion of potential consumers, the Mobile Marketing has even further benefits, such as for starters, it is highly cost effective and marketers now don’t have to spend more for campaigning. For instance, think about displaying an Ad on TV, the whole process of this campaigning is not just expensive, it is un-measurable too. With Mobile Marketing, you not only save money, but you’ll also be able to measure the performance and analytics of campaigning. More importantly, the campaigning can be clearly pre-planned as per the budget, such that there will be no risk of exceeding the pre-set budget. A complete control over the spending can be established. Mobile Marketing is an obvious and optimum platform of marketing, especially for the start-ups. It’s a golden opportunity for having such an incredible mode of reaching consumers.

Here is the detailed list of benefits you can achieve from Mobile Marketing campaigns:

1. Reach Your Target Audience Accurately:

Pros and Cons of Mobile Marketing - Guide2SEO Mobile marketing campaigns enable you to influence a highly targeted audience and have direct communications with a range of different client groups. Contrasting other gadgets, smartphones are typically owned by an individual who carries his device at all times. Consequently, your customers can check your marketing or promotional messages and campaigns on a real-time basis.

2. Have Efficient Two-way Communication and Manage Customer Relationship:

Communicate with Audience - Guide to SEO As users are, by and large, very attached to their mobile devices, running mobile marketing campaigns could be observed as more friendlier to end users. If two-way communication can be built, the loyal customers can engage with their favourite varieties to build sturdy relationships with its suppliers or marketers. Additionally, phone numbers are perceived as unique personal IDs according to Management Information Systems and can help improve relationship management integrity.

3. Endorse Mobile Campaigns at Competent Prices:

Mobile marketing has a quite lesser CPM than other conventional marketing sources. Setting up and organising marketing campaign have much lower costs as it can be integrated with other media channels with ease, so as to promote your mobile marketing campaigns on TV, radio, newspapers and social media.

4. Producing a Better Response Rate:

In areas where response rate is concerned, mobile marketing roughly produces five times more effective response than the regular email marketing campaign. This obviously converts to less media wastage and hence, a higher return on investments from mobile marketing campaigns.

5. Helps in Gathering Relevant and Accurate Customer Interests:

Running mobile marketing plans is a sure shot way of acquiring and utilizing valuable customer data. Databases which uses contact numbers as unique IDs are far more operative as most people generally keep their contact numbers for a lengthier period of time. By having strong and persistent personal details, the usefulness of mobile marketing can be pursued and evaluated.

Challenges that have to be faced by being a Mobile Marketer:

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With all these pros, there are few challenges that have to be faced being a Mobile Marketer - finding a tried and tested strategy. Is the inevitable challenge that has to be addressed by any mobile marketer. Building strategies require a definite plan to reach the right customers.

Some of the most obvious concerns are:

  • How to show the Ad
  • Where to show the Ad
  • Whom to show the Ad
  • Which campaign is the most efficient way to get connected?
  • All these things come under creating a strategy. Building up a strategy has never been that easy for any marketing team. It’s not only crucial, but a very beginning move after finding out the motive of business. Apart from this, one more hurdle in Mobile Marketing is to be technically strong. You got to have the knowledge of coding and have to be an expert in creating Ad copies such as images, videos, etc. Depending upon the type of business, the challenges & intensity of hurdles shall vary. Despite of all these complexities, several marketers have proved their excellence in the field and have managed to become a legend in the current competitive era.