What is Social Media Marketing – The Purpose of Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process of grabbing attention of the customers through social media sites. Generally efforts are made to create content that is attractive, grabs attention of the users and hence encourages sharing the content across the social networks. Therefore it is important for a marketer to craft successful social media content marketing plan so that whatever useful content is created and produced gets shared among community, hence community can gain trust and become customers, remain customers and pave way for more customers.

Social Media Networks have become platforms that are easily reachable or achievable to everyone. Moreover social media acts as moderately inexpensive platform for companies to organize marketing campaigns. Hence is it is very important to plan the goals in order to gain attention to your website.

Social Media Facts that Every Marketer Should Know

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In this evolving world it is quite hard for a small business to maintain pace and know what and how to connect customers on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many others.

It is also important to know that over 50 percentage of the world’s population is under 30 years old; in fact more of these people own a mobile device, rather a smart phone. So you know who your potential customers are? Aren’t the social media and mobile devices evolving, if your answer is yes then there is a need of social media marketing strategy which can make your business grow high.

However, there is no certain strategy which can fit into all, and thus the best way to make the things work is to know your potential customers well. Hence we have accumulated some of the best practices for social media success that helps your business grow further.

1. Define your Goals

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Unlike other marketing and business efforts it is good to have definite goal in order to explore social media marketing. Additionally it is important to keep in mind that the returns with social media cannot be measured, however rather than offering best deals to make sales one should focus on maintaining good relationship and engagement with the existing customers. The reason behind telling you to focus mainly on existing customers is that they can influence or convert your sales by bringing new customers.

2. Know Yourself

Purpose of Social Media Marketing - Guide 2 SEO It is very important to know who you are and represent yourself constantly, this is the area where your customers can gain trust in you when you portray yourself and maintain transparency. There is no common method of representing yourself however it’s just how you refine your brand without marketing talks.

3. Choice

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There are always differences in people so it is very important for you to choose the right platform for social media marketing. Most customers try to like brands on Facebook and not on Twitter. Hence you should have the sense or presence in determining the right social media platform for your business. How would you know where your customers are? The answer lies within your customers, ask your customers when they approach you or when they engage themselves in events.

You can also opt for the top social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. These platform offer great features to enhance your customer engagements through various means.

Make certain to put links of social media pages on your website, in email signature and in email newsletters, by this method you can promote your brand and make your customers know where you are. Once you have link on your website there are chances that the new customers whoever lands onto your website may connect with you if he/she find the things relevant to him, plus the viral nature of social media can assist you find and connect with new customers.

4. It’s not just about connection

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It’s not that you just make new connections and keep quiet, make efforts to add value to your customers by clarifying there queries. It is also important to follow etiquettes, don’t just fall in middle conversation and start a marketing talk, instead act on the situation by sharing your knowledge.

It is also recommended not to only stick with marketing your product, try to update what’s happening in and around your community, eventually make efforts to be part of social media conversations. Update the users with recent changes in your website, advancements made to make the users comfortable, new blog entries, new features and content that can relate to your area of business.

People with similar interests gather on social media, and to your information every conversation won’t be formal, instead it would be casual, shorter and humorous. Thus in order to be more engaging you need to carefully understand customer’s query as understanding is the key for better engagement. Be sure to respond to them politely and appropriately.

5. Being Active

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Many users try to post more often, but it is recommended to do it little because rigorous post on the social media may annoy your customers. However it is shouldn’t be that you are posting just for the sake of posting or doing as a duty, but make sure that you make efforts and which don’t go in vain. Moreover it also important for you to act as an active player, you should quickly respond to your customers query mainly when they indicate a problem with your business, service, product or organization.

When you reply to the customer’s query, it is suggested that you respond kindly and try to sort the problem if you can tackle the issue with taking the conversation offline, or to a channel like email, messaging or any other suitable means. Do not make the conversation a debate or argument, when you deal with unfulfilled customers with negative comments.

Keep in mind that you don’t take the things personally when you deal with undesirable comments from unsatisfied customers. Instead try turning the unfulfilled customers into satisfied ones. However it is also important to make sure that you react to optimistic comments by greeting them with thank you.