Apple HomeKit Ready to take Smart Homes to a Whole New Level

How Will HomeKit Redefine Smart Homes - Guide to SEO

What is Apple HomeKit?

Apple designed the HomeKit scheme, so right from the palm of your hand you can securely control your home automation. It can understand and support all the smart gadgets from variety of manufacturers as it is created using a common language. You will be able to control all smart devices such as light bulbs, smoke alarm, AC, etc. by your voice as HomeKit leverages Siri, the Apple's voice assistance. HomeKit is primarily all about making your home automation more user friendly. .

How will the HomeKit work?

What Is Apple HomeKit - Guide to SEO

Every single home appliance will work with Apple HomeKit certified smart devices, which will communicate with each other via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The functionality of HomeKit can be specific based on the unique names, grouping, etc. Read on to know how to utilize these amazing features to make home automation the center of smart home success.

Names: The first and foremost thing is to maintain a common database in the HomeKit that includes its own unique name for each and everything like home, room, device, function, etc. which is accessible by Siri. This is because, whenever you give a command, it is recognized by Siri and it will be able to control your home only if it is pre-programmed and enabled in your HomeKit.

Grouping: Grouping allows you to control multiple stuff simultaneously in one shot at an ease. That means you can create a single function to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. For instance, locking doors, switching off light, setting your alarm, etc. can be grouped in one single scene like named bedtime which includes different devices and actions to perform on that scene.

HomeKit is mostly about Siri:

How Will HomeKit Work - Guide to SEO

By combining the power of Siri voice control with your smart devices, HomeKit provides added advantage to your home automation system. For Elgato HomeKit smart-home sensors, Siri will be a big part because most people are familiar and comfortable with Siri which is usually used to send text messages, searching web pages, mapping and the like. So using Siri as a primary interface in HomeKit, all you need to do is just click the home button and talk – which is as convenient as it can get.

Is the HomeKit secured to use for home automation system?

Apple HomeKit Applications - Guide to SEO

Apple HomeKit is specifically designed to provide privacy and hampers smart devices from being misused because it includes end to end encryption among these smart devices and iOS devices. To know exactly which applications are controlling different distinct devices at home you have to run third party tools in foreground for all the smart devices that are in use.

HomeKit Applications – A Smarter way to control your home automation..!

Use your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) every day - to stay in touch with people, stay organized, help manage your health and fitness, and even replace your wallet. With Apple HomeKit, you can now also use your iOS device to connect wirelessly with the products you use in your home - so you can privately and securely get remote control them and make them work together.

HomeKit Apps - Guide to SEO

HomeKit is compatible with many apps and is pretty cool as is used to set up home and rooms that includes different accessories, to control these devices you have to trigger and set up various actions. HomeKit is secured, convenient controlling system to manage everything right from single bulb to your entire house all from iOS device. To know how Apple home automation will be different, just have a look at the below listed features:

1. Smart products made even smarter together: HomeKit maintains privacy and is compatible to function with your various home products that work together and are controlled in many different ways. 

2. Set the whole scene with a single command: HomeKit enables you to create a single scene that controls and performs multiple actions simultaneously all with one single command.

3. Sometimes, your home can control itself: This is very easy and flexible app, based on different triggers you can automatically switch On / Off your home accessories.

4. Performing right actions at the right times: HomeKit will make your home spontaneously perform actions based on your routine activities. For instance, it will automatically turn on water heater in the morning so that hot water is ready for you when you wake up; HomeKit will sense the temperature and turn on AC so that you return from work to your home with an ambient temperature.

These are just a few illustrations applications of what Apple HomeKit is capable of achieving. Who knows what else is up-the-sleeves with Apple in near future.