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Make sure you are fully prepared for the next major update from Google – The Google Penguin update, which is happening real time. You can also learn how to combat Google Panda in 2016.

As we enter the year 2016, it is essential to review your current link building approach, and modify it in a way which best suits you for the year 2016. In order to have a clear understanding as to what has changed in SEO techniques from previous years, and what the key area of concentration should be in the years to come, we’ve put up a summary.

What’s changed and What stays:

Here are some of the chief link building techniques we saw in preceding years, and which will continue to influence the SEO industry:

The Penguin Update:

10 SEO Link Building Best Practices - Guide 2 SEO

The Google Penguin is now three years old, but the implementations it brought still stay and will continue to drive link building prospects in future. Google made it almost impossible to create links in an unnatural and robotic way. Since then, it has just got better – Google steadily and persistently keeps refreshing its algorithms to enhance it capability to identify the quality of backlinks. (More on Penguin update 2016 below)

Some of them even said that link building is a thing of the past, but actually it has just touched a new level of complications and will continue to enrich even further in 2016. Link building will continue to remain as one of fundamental components of SEO strategies.

Top 10 Link Building Strategies for 2016:

Read on to learn the top 10 link building strategies for 2016 – how to get links without negatively impacting your search engine rankings and what link building techniques are here to stay. If you’re a beginner and looking to build a website or a blog in this year, here’s just what you need to take care of.

SEO Link Building Tips - Guide 2 SEO

1. The Penguin Update 2016:

Google confirmed that the next penguin algorithm will be working real time. It means that the algorithm will be in a constant lookout for low quality links and links that have been disavowed or taken down. This will make much more painful for grey hat SEO techniques to implement. Low quality and disavowed / removed links will be detected by Google more instantly and you can get penalized (and even recover in other case) more quickly. Ensure to have a timely check on the relevance and the quality of the incoming links.

These are a few tools you can use:



Open Site Explorer

2. The Need for Hgh Quality is Ever Increasing:

Guide to SEO Link Building Strategies - Guide2SEO

Just having a large number of links alone is not going to get you anywhere near you expect to be in 2016, you will have to rather focus on creating links that customers will like to click. To achieve this, you don’t have branch out the areas through which you post your content and get links, but you can be more focused with the limited sources for the incoming links as long as you expand the content you create for your users.

Make your page more valuable than other sites in the league: Try to provide more valuable information and build a brand value in comparison with other sites in the SERP results. Give search engines a reason to put your page on top of your competitors.

No matter whatever changes in link building you see in future, high quality content is here to stay!

3. Better Quality Content:

Guide to SEO Link Building Strategies - Guide2SEO

Google is constantly increasing the standards for high quality content. There is ever increasing space for Google to offer in its search results and users are sharing only a fraction of their published content. The outcome of this is, only the best and the highest quality content are fortuitous to receive links and shares. Learn how to write the best content for a website.

4. Connect with customers over various Social Media platforms:

Advanced SEO Link Building Strategies 2016 - Guide to SEO

Social media websites play a vital role building links that direct to your site. Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. have an enormous number of active users on a daily basis. Being active on these platforms is like directly interacting with your audiences. When you post important and interesting stuff, people tend to connect with it and you get likes, shares, comments, etc.

5. Form Connections with Related Communities:

To acquire good backlinks, you need to have good and relevant sources such as forums, blogs, sites and social media groups. Building good relations will sure help you go a long way in acquiring quality backlinks. There are abundant opportunities available to build contacts. You can make the first move by simply contributing to their blogs, posting useful info on their social media groups, or by actively participating in forum discussions. By doing this, you will be able to get some useful backlinks to your site.

6. Have your Own Blog Network:

Creating a Blog Network - Guide to SEO

Get a few blogs for yourself and create a network, which will allow you to have a total control over content and the links to your site. But be warned – if all the posts from your blog are referring to a common link (to your site), all you are doing is a waste of time because you are creating risky links. Remember, Google regularly updates its algorithms to catch hold of such links and penalize them.

If you really need to make the most of your blog network, you need to keep it alive, and real – Add posts that are informative on a regular basis, besides writing for your product. Don’t add backlinks referring to your site on every article you write. Post content by focussing on the industry and your customer’s needs.

7. Create Videos, Pins, Slides:

Popular Video Sharing Sites - GuidetoSEO

Create a video that talks about your product and upload it on free video sites such as YouTube, Dialymotion, etc. You can also create info graphics, pins and slides that give a realistic as well as a detailed information about your product. Getting links from video sites are believed to be more powerful than getting links from places such as directories.

8. Analyse your Competitor’s Website:

Do a timely research on your competitors’ websites in order to discover their common backlinks and to keep updated about the things they’re applying and you’re not. If your competitor has a group of common backlinks, you too can try and acquire them.

There are tools to analyse your contenders’ websites such as the CBLT (Common Backlinks Tool).

9. Creating Newsletter Subscriptions:

Newsletter Subscriptions - Guide to SEO

The benefits of publishing newsletters can be great, given that they are used properly. It keeps your audiences connected by increasing awareness about your new updates. A newsletter with great and attractive content will make users to share it, thus increasing the number of backlinks and traffic.

Newsletters also help you keep a track of returning customers and in keeping them engaged. You can include extra informative materials such as eBooks, manuals, guides, etc. with your newsletters in order to make it more valuable and interesting.

10. Gain Natural Backlinks:

Finding valuable as well as natural links is a tricky job. But still there’s not a reason to get into black hat SEO techniques in order to get backlinks. Never purchase backlinks as they can do more harm than good to your site. As an alternative, you can use the investment into SEO tools and to produce quality content.

On a Conclusion:

10 SEO Link Building Strategy Guide - Guide to SEO

Superior content and relevant backlinks are the key to attain maximum SEO value. So try to be as natural as possible – create content and links keeping users in mind rather than the search engines. If your audiences are happy, search engines will retain your site in top search results and ultimately your business will nurture.

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